The Unique Diamond Boutique is not like any other jewelry salon you have ever experienced.  From the moment you enter, we will captivate your senses with hundreds of jewelry pieces contained in our stunning collections.   Our innovative boutique is laid out over a 4,000 sf penthouse which overlooks the historical and scenic city of Winter Park.  Our amenities include a wraparound balcony, a warm and inviting décor complemented by an open refreshment area. Comfortable couches accompany our magnificent displays allowing you the courtesy to enjoy your pieces and selections at your leisure.  This elegant and charming location allows us to offer our customers, when available, the unique experience of hosting your own engagement party or charitable event.

Business Hours

Saturday From: 10:00 am To: 5:00 pm
Sunday From: 12:00 pm To: 5:00 pm
Monday From: 9:00 am To: 5:00 pm
Tuesday From: 9:00 am To: 5:00 pm
Wednesday From: 9:00 am To: 5:00 pm
Thursday From: 9:00 am To: 5:00 pm
Friday From: 9:00 am To: 5:00 pm
157 E. New England Ave, Suite 450
Winter Park, FL 32789